Health Naturally!


  by Marti Avila


Did you know:

    That our bodies are mostly made up of water? Well it's true. Our bodies are anywhere from 55% to 78% water depending on our age (the younger a person the higher the percentage) our sex, (men have a higher percentage of water) and our body composition (fat people store less water as a percentage than lean people).

    Most people are dehydrated.  They don't realize that we constantly need to be washing the toxins from our cells by having a sufficient amount of water intake. To avoid dehydration the body requires between one and seven liters of water per day. The exact amount will depend on things like the humidity and how hot the temperature and the amount of activity that the body is doing.  Most of the water that we take in comes from the food and beverages we eat rather than from straight water.  As a rule though, it is pretty widely accepted that we need about two liters daily to maintain proper hydration.

    But all water is not created equal and expensive bottled water is not necessarily better for you. Dr. Robert Young has been studying what causes disease in a body for decades and basically his studies have indicated that a body in the ‘acid’ state is prone to disease. The opposite was shown in alkaline bodies. Indeed the alkaline state was found to be resistant to many a common ailment.  Here's a link for Dr. Young's book, The pH Miracle where you can learn more about your body's pH and the effect it has on your health should you so desire.

    But how do you get an alkaline body (opposite of acidic)? Easy, start by drinking alkaline water and eating primarily alkaline food.   

     Let me tell you what happened to my family and myself with our first introduction to Alkaline water. I had been studying it for a while and when I found out that one of Dr. Young’s retreat was near me. I called a family meeting (my boyfriend and my elderly mother hate it when I do that because they know that they are going to be talked into trying some new health thing!). I told them I was going to buy two cases of Alkaline water and drink it over the weekend to see what if anything happens. My Mom and I drove out and started drinking it around noon on a Friday. By Monday at noon, my Mom had dropped 4 lbs. I had dropped 6 lbs and my boyfriend, who wasn’t even trying to lose weight, dropped 8 lbs! (don’t you hate it when men can lose weight so quickly!?!)

   Where do you get Alkaline water? There are a few bottled waters on the market that claim they are alkaline (Like Volvic) but the best and cheapest is to buy your own Alkaline water machine. If you think about it, you will be drinking water for the rest of your life. Why not put the best, most healthful ingredients you can to help your body?
 I couldn’t buy a Alkaline water machine fast enough! My family and I have been drinking Alkaline water since the middle of 2007. Other than losing several lbs, I noticed that my skin became very soft and smooth.

The type of water you drink is just as important as how much you drink and when you drink it, so in my family we drink Alkaline water at regular intervals all day long.  Here is a link so you can look my favorite  Alkaline machine, the one I use at home:  Click here.